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Brass Lamp with Brass Shade

Brass Lamp with Brass Shade
Code: B49-3MB
Solid Brass Base & Brass coolie shade

Dimensions: 9 3/4 in. H
Internet Price$80.00
List Price $98.00
You Save$18.00

Brass Lamp w/ Metal Brass Wicker Shade
View Brass base w/brass wicker shade.

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Silverplate Lamp with Silverplate Shade
View Contemporary Silver base & silver coolie shade create sophisticated elegance for a tabletop. (It's a great height requested by many food and beverage directors at the finest hotels and restaurants)

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Brass Lamp with Brass Metal Wicker Shade
View Solid Brass Base & Brass wicker shade

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Luminara Rechargeable Battery Candle Set of 12 candles with charging tray and cord
NEW Luminara Rechargeable Battery Candle Set of 12 lights. Set includes charging tray,12 battery candles, 1 power cord. This set provides an easy, compact way of charging multiple Luminara votive battery candles.
Specifically designed for a restaurant or event setting, or even for those who love to entertain and need many lights!
Luminara Real Flame-Effect Candles are so realistic to a real flame you have to see it to believe it!
They provide a beautiful, candle-lit atmosphere and look gorgeous in Table Decor lamps/candleholders or even just by themselves.
0-100% charge takes approx. 6 hours. Battery life per charge is 15 hours. 
5-hour on/19 hour off TIMER option is on each candle.
Dimensions of charging stand with candles on it:  7.80"L x 6.40"W x 2.25"H
Dimensions of each candle:  1.5"diameter x 1.50"H, plus flame height

Our Price: $299.75
Retail Price : $545.00

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