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Table Lighting

Shaded Cordless Lamps

Shaded Cordless Lamps...

Add elegance and ambiance to any setting with our unique shaded Chandelyn candle lamps.  All our lamps can use battery, candles or liquid fuel cells!

Non-shaded Votive Candleholders

Non-shaded Votive Candleholders (64)

Our non-shaded votive candleholders and torchieres have many styles, sizes and price points to accent any setting!

Candelabra/Tall Centerpiece  Collection

Candelabra/Tall Centerpiece Collection (36)

These candelabras and taller cordless lamps make stunning centerpieces!

Lodge Collection

Lodge Collection (16)

Create an atmosphere of rustic elegance with antiqued and bronzed finishes, mica, barkpaper, raw silks and cast antlers in this exciting collection!

Rental Lamps

Rental Lamps...

Now you can RENT certain styles of table lamps for your special events! (contact us for areas available for rental)


Light Sources (Candle, Battery & Fuel)

Light Sources (Candle, Battery & Fuel)...

We offer several Lighting Sources to use in your lamps or candleholders:

Candles, Batteries or Liquid Fuel Cells



Customers recognize Chandelyn lamps by the workmanship in our beautiful shades.

Electric Lamps (with Cord & Plug)

Electric Lamps (with Cord & Plug) (25)

Whether for home or restaurant we also offer several styles of our shaded lamps that can be drilled and wired to use as electric lamps, with cord and plug.

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts (13)

Replacement lamp parts are readily available for your Chandelyn lamps.

Custom Restaurant
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Contact us for Custom Lighting
Call us at 770-432-1156
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